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21 October 2005

More DIB

Speaking of poo...

Lyndon Johnson once claimed that Gerald Ford was too dumb "to walk and fart at the same time." Perhaps. But Ford could definitely fart while standing still, which he apparently did with alarming frequency and abandon. According to his Secret Service detail, the president would loudly let one rip and then always attempt to put the blame on one of them with indignant remarks like, "Jesus, did you do that? Show a little class."

--From Secret Lives of the Presidents by Cormac O'Brien (Quirk Books)

Dump In a Box for 21.Oct.05


In the midst of the chaos that followed Hurricane Katrina, a Federal Emergency Management Agency official in New Orleans sent a dire e-mail to Director Michael Brown saying victims had no food and were dying.

No response came from Brown.

Instead, less than three hours later, an aide to Brown sent an e-mail saying her boss wanted to go on a television program that night -- after needing at least an hour to eat dinner at a Baton Rouge, La., restaurant.

The e-mails were made public Thursday at a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing featuring Marty Bahamonde, the first agency official to arrive in New Orleans in advance of the Aug. 29 storm.

Brown's the color of poo.


04 October 2005

Propagandhi - Bonus MP3

Fat Wreck has an awsome MP3 from Prop. on their website from the new record. Check it out at http://www.fatwreck.com



Sorry for the lack of updates, but Blogger's been acting funny and crashing my computer. It seems to be better now, though, so I'll try to get back to the once-a-week pace I was at before. And thanks for your patronage, as always! Now on to the music:

In the last post, the Nerf Herder song seems to talk a little bit about being a vegetarian, so I thought I'd kind of continue the theme with two vegetarian-themed songs today.

Propagandhi - Nailing Descartes to the Wall
Queers - Stupid Fucking Vegan

Propagandhi has a new record out this week, called Potemekin City Limits, and this selection is from an old-ish record of theirs on Fat Wreck Chrods called Less Talk, More Rock. It was one of the first really outwardly uber-political punk albums I heard when I first got into punk, and it's still one of my favorites. I put it right up there with Bad Religion's No Control, in terms of longevity and how it influenced my life.

The second selection is from the uber-old punk band, the Queers. I don't have much of an affinity for them, and I kind of think all their records have some great songs and some shitty ones, but this song is pretty good. It's from "Beyond the Valley of the Assfuckers."

Okay, that's all for today. Please listen responsibly and buy the records if you like the song and delete the file if you don't. Also, please don't sue me!